Originally sold under the brand name Priligy, this first class medication helps men enjoy longer lasting sex. This medication is the first of its kind and was first produced by Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company before Johnson & Johnson took ownership of the rights to get FDA approval in 2004. This medication is sold in a variety of formulations and dosages used to alleviate acute to chronic sexual health issues. Customers can buy dapoxetine by prescription in most countries or at any time from our secure, user-friendly website.

Anyone using our website to buy dapoxetine gets private 24-hour access without needing an appointment. We stock an extensive selection of sexual dysfunction medication and treatments catering to all treatment plans. Ordering online is the first choice for people because they get a prescription free experience offering affordable medications that are discreetly delivered.

With so many great benefits, it is only fair that we provide all the details about this medication by answering common questions like, what is dapoxetine? What does dapoxetine do? And where can I buy dapoxetine? As you read further, you will also find recommended measures people used to further improve sexual health effortlessly.

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What is Dapoxetine Used for?

Dapoxetine – hydrochloride is the first type of medication specifically developed to help men regain control over premature ejaculation issues. A recent study done by a highly regarded urology association estimated up to 30% of men have experienced or are currently suffering from PE caused by various mental health conditions. The most common cause linking all PE cases relates to chemical imbalances in the brain. 

Medical studies also indicate other recognized triggers of PE including performance anxiety, low confidence and erectile dysfunction (ED). The impacts that premature ejaculation has caused men to develop further mental health issues such as low self esteem and depression. Although statistics are high, there is an effective solution, men can rely on to help prevent and manage ejaculations to successfully improve sexual health.

For nearly a decade, dapoxetine has been available in different dosages to alleviate mild to chronic cases of premature ejaculation. Men across the globe are restoring passion and longevity in the bedroom when using dapoxetine which is working miracles in their long term relationships. Reviews show that men using this medication are making vast improvements in their sex life as well as home life, at work and in social settings.

What Does Dapoxetine Do?

Dapoxetine rebalances specific chemicals in the brain and central nervous system to promote calm and relaxation of the mind and body. This effective medication increases the activity of serotonin in specific areas of the brain while reducing the effect of dopamine which is responsible for promoting excitement. Dapoxetine works to allow men the opportunity to regain control of ejaculation during sex to help them perform for longer without reaching climax before or during intercourse.

Along with using dapoxetine, managing PE is easier when maintaining a balanced diet consisting of recommended foods containing protein, essential vitamins and antioxidants. Foods like salmon, eggs and poultry help boost serotonin levels which are important for promoting calm and suppressing over excitement during sexual encounters. Drinking 2 – 4 litres of water daily provide men with the required amount of zinc and magnesium which are nutrients recognized to delay ejaculation frequency.

Maintaining an active and healthy sex life is essential for good mental and physical health. Dapoxetine enables men from all walks of life to improve their sexual performance as well as maintain good heart health and boost self-esteem. Men using this medication report increased satisfaction and pleasure during sexual activities which helps them improve intimacy and strengthen their long term relationships.

How Long Do Dapoxetine Take to Work?

Dapoxetine should be taken as directed approximately 1 – 2 hours before anticipated sexual foreplay and intercourse to achieve effective results. This type of medication absorbs into the bloodstream at a moderate rate and takes an average of 1 – 2 hours to reach peak concentration. To prevent delays in activation time, patients should avoid eating dense foods and instead opt for a low fat snack before consumption.

This medication helps men prepare for sexual encounters by allowing them to achieve and maintain intravaginal penetration without ejaculation too soon. Some effective tips users can follow along with the usage instructions help users get the best effects. Taking dapoxetine or any other medication with water is a sure fire way of achieving effective absorption to get the best and safest results. 

A highly recommended way of using dapoxetine is taking each dose on a treatment plan to achieve around the clock support. Taking one dose per day for up to 28 days helps maintain effective levels in the system to provide around the clock relief. If the effects of this medication are ineffective after 28 days, patients should speak to their doctor about adjusting the dosage or treatment according to their needs.

How Long Does Dapoxetine Make You Last?

Men typically buy dapoxetine to help them prepare for and engage in sexual activity and intercourse for longer durations. How much longer you ask? Studies show most men take 5 – 7 minutes to ejaculate, the effects of this medication help men control ejaculation before and during sex for up to 12 hours. Lasting longer in the bedroom gives more men the opportunity to add spontaneity to their sex life and feel confident knowing they can perform at their best.

According to research by the mayo clinic, performing Kegel stretches 3 times daily strengthens pelvic muscles which is known to extend ejaculation latency and improve circulation. Cognitive behavioural therapy helps manage and control premature ejaculation by allowing patients to understand and address the psychological factors triggering ejaculation issues.

When men buy dapoxetine and utilize the benefits of therapy and a balanced lifestyle makes it is easy to maintain a healthy sex life. Although medication is a temporary solution, taking one dose per day over 28 days and using effective exercises and therapies helps restore and improve natural sexual function.

Can I Take Dapoxetine with Tadalafil?

An independent clinical trial conducted by the urology journal compared the efficacy of certain combination medications including dapoxetine and tadalafil. The results of the study conclude that this type of medication is effective as a standalone treatment for PE and even more beneficial when combined with tadalafil. This medication also provides effective dual action sexual dysfunction relief when mixed with sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient contained in Viagra.

The combination of tadalafil and sildenafil with SSRI medications like dapoxetine is so effective that there is various dual action medication available online and by prescription. The list of options available exclusively online comes in a broad range of mild, standard and double dose variants to help manage acute to chronic symptoms. Regardless of whether men are looking to treat PE, ED or both, the dapoxetine UK products and combination medications available online improve their sex life.

A great way of finding out even more information about the efficacy and safety of combination therapies containing this active ingredient, check out the FAQs section. We also encourage people to read the reviews section of each product to see how the medication is helping others improve their sexual health.

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Is Dapoxetine Safe?

Yes, dapoxetine is safe because as it is the generic version of Priligy, it is extensively tested through meticulous safety and efficacy trials. In particular, the FDA use their generic drugs program to test specific aspects of the active ingredient to make sure it provides the same effects as the brand medication. Once bioequivalence is confirmed, FDA monitors the manufacturing process during production to ensure producers are compliant with government regulations.

For the wide population of men experiencing ejaculation issues, this generic version is sure to provide identical results and the same low risk as Priligy. Although this medication is primarily prescribed as PE treatment, the way it works to increase serotonin levels also provides additional health benefits. Serotonin regulates mood so maintaining healthy levels helps people focus more, feel calm and improve emotional health and wellness.

Serotonin also helps people get a better nights sleep which helps reduce the risk of mental health issues like depression and stress, which in turn helps treat PE. For men suffering from PE, choosing to buy dapoxetine UK is sure to provide the results they need to boost their sexual performance and general health. 

Contraindications and Side Effects of Dapoxetine

In general, dapoxetine is safe for most men, however, certain underlying medical conditions may affect patient safety. The most common contraindications relate to men with a pacemaker, suffering hepatic impairment or heart disease. In these cases, patients should consult with a medical professional before taking dapoxetine UK to avoid severe reactions. The common side effects of this medication are typically mild and most people barely notice or do not experience negative impacts.

The common side effects associated with dapoxetine include, but are not limited to:

  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties)

The assured way to avoid side effects is by following the usage instructions as directed. Another simple way of preventing side effects, especially for new users, is verifying with a doctor if this medication is a suitable option. Keeping healthy hydration levels is an effective way of achieving great results without side effects. Anyone experiencing adverse side effects is advised to stop using it and seek medical attention. People can find out more about safe use and the complete dapoxetine side effects list on the patient information leaflet on our homepage.

Where to Buy Dapoxetine UK

The best and only way to access the widest selection of dapoxetine based medication is online through genuine internet pharmacies like us. Anyone deciding to buy dapoxetine UK online gets prescription free shopping that is completely secure and accessible at any time or place. All customer need is a smartphone or computer, a few minutes and a valid form of payment including Bitcoin or credit card. 

Our online store offers additional benefits that high street chemists cannot compare to including safe and secure payment options, unbeatable prices and fast home delivery. In fact, prices at our site are so low, shoppers have the freedom to order in bulk to suffice weekly, monthly or quarterly treatment plans. The limitations that come with prescription based medications at local pharmacies are a thing of the past since the birth of online pharmacies and generic medicines.

Everyone deserves access to effective treatment and our services help people do exactly that by providing a confidential service offering effective solutions anytime and anywhere. To make getting medications effortless, our customer support professionals are dedicated to assisting clients in answering any questions 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

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