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This medication is a generic alternative to Viagra that is manufactured by Vega Pharmaceuticals. In most respects, it is the same except it packs 20% more bite than the original medication and comes at prices which are much more affordable. This product can be used by men and women and is found exclusively online through suppliers like us who offer a fast, reliable and discreet home delivery service.

Our internet pharmacy stocks the widest range of sex medications at substantially lower prices than chain pharmacies found locally. Read through this article to find the answers to important questions like; What is Cobra 120 mg? Can women take Cobra 120 mg? and Where can I buy Cobra 120 mg? We will be covering these topics and all the information our readers need to know.

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What is Cobra 120 mg Used for?

Cobra 120 mg is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a condition characterized by the inability to achieve or sustain an erection sufficient for sexual activity. It is a condition that affects millions of men across the world and is currently estimated to affect close to 50 - 55% of men between 40 and 70 years old.

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) has become more acknowledged in recent years as statistics have highlighted that it affects between 30% - 40% of women globally. While pharmaceutical companies have been looking for something to treat FSD, studies have shown that sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient found in this medication, can actually reduce the symptoms of female sexual dysfunctions.

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What Happens if a Woman Takes Cobra 120 mg?

As some women may be curious about the effects of Cobra 120 mg UK, it is important to note that it only boosts blood flow throughout the body. In a similar way that this product works in male patients, one effect it delivers is an increase in genital sensitivity. Furthermore, clinical trials with female subjects have highlighted that there were little to no side effects reported.

This product is effective in treating the following three forms of female sexual dysfunctions: 

  • Anorgasmia: Inability to reach sexual climax
  • Sexual arousal disorder: Difficulty becoming sexually aroused
  • Painful sex: (Dyspareunia) discomfort felt during intercourse

This product is neither an aphrodisiac nor does it stimulate sexual desire but does help with sexual arousal by helping vascular engorgement of the genital organs.

How Long Do Cobra 120 mg Take to Work?

Cobra 120 mg typically takes 30 - 60 minutes for the medication to take effect and once they begin, they typically last for 4 - 6 hours. The onset time of effects for any pharmaceutical product can vary depending on factors such as diet and age. This medication can still remain in the body for a full 24 hours, which is the time people should wait between doses.

To get the most out of Cobra 120 mg UK, it is recommended to stay well hydrated and avoid foods rich in fats before taking the medication. Also, communication with partners about sex and what can best help is also beneficial. Finally, creating a relaxed environment that is dimly lit and comfortable to get in the mood may also help compliment the experience.

Why is Cobra 120 mg Safe?

This product is considered safe because it contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, sildenafil, which has been used for many years to treat men. When Pfizer was developing the medication, it was rigorously trialled and tested by regulatory bodies to ensure its safety and effectiveness. While this is a generic version, it must still be approved by regulators.

Cobra 120 mg only increases blood flow throughout the body, which aids in sexual excitement. However, this enhanced blood flow can also have other health benefits. A study found that sildenafil, the active compound in this product, can improve the immune system, boost brain function and even aid in wound healing. 

Contraindications and Side Effects of Cobra 120 mg

Contraindications are conditions or factors that make a particular treatment or medication not viable for use. People who have liver or kidney problems, heart problems or low blood pressure should not use Cobra 120 mg UK. Additionally, it is important to avoid consuming alcohol when taking this medication, as this can decrease its effectiveness. 

Some common side effects of this product include;

  • Migraine
  • Nausea
  • Unsteadiness

When experiencing side effects, it is important to take appropriate action. If feeling dizzy, sit or lie down until the feelings pass. If the side effects persist for an extended period of time, seek medical help. This information should never replace the advice of a clinician for individual cases.

Where to Buy Cobra 120 mg UK?

Internet pharmacies are the most convenient way to order any medication. As well as affordable prices, a broad spectrum of choices and 24-hour support, customers can take advantage of direct home delivery, prescription-free shopping and additional promotions. Additionally, online pharmacies offer a wide range of products, which may not be available at high street pharmacies.

Our online pharmacy allows shoppers to buy Cobra 120 mg UK using secure payment methods, including cryptocurrency. This can be particularly beneficial for people who want to maintain confidentiality. Our online pharmacy also offers a secure and easy-to-use platform for purchasing medications, ensuring that our customers can shop with confidence and peace of mind.

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Buy Cobra 120 mg UK Prescription Free Online 

Individuals can buy Cobra 120 mg prescription-free from our website. Simply browse the products on our stock page, select the quantity you want, add them to the basket, and proceed to checkout. Our website is easy to navigate and our ordering process is straightforward, ensuring that our customers can purchase their medications quickly and easily.

Deliveries typically take 2-4 working days on average, and tracking information will be sent through email. We also use unlabelled packaging to ensure complete secrecy. For further information, we have customer service representatives available to take your query at any time through live chat, email and hotline. 

Buy Cobra 120 mg today at for a strong medication you can rely on.


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